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I’m Tori! I love Jesus, my husband, Grey's Anatomy, ice-cream and coffee. My husband and I just got married this year! YAY! We currently live in Omaha, Nebraska with our two doodles, Jekyll & Hyde. I started playing around with photography when I was in middle school. All my friends would be my "models" and we'd create the most beautiful photos (HAHA). But really, we would take pictures on the weekly. I'm currently in my second year of being a full time wedding photographer! It's such an amazing job! I absolutely love meeting so many couples and being able to document their love.

I’m passionate about photography because relationships matter. I believe in the beauty of marriage and what it symbolizes. When two people vow to become one forever, to be selfless and to love in all the ups and downs- now that is something worth sharing. I get the privilege of sharing those genuine, authentic love stories through photos.

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