"His goodness is deeper than any pit"

From Emily:

I have found that many times, God's pursuit of us occurs in those "messy" parts of life where we wrestle with Him. For me, I was 5 months pregnant when I lost both my parents to a car crash and despaired that I had to walk through such thick grief while growing a
new life.

I questioned God's timing, to allow such catastrophe to strike in that season of my pregnancy.

I was depressed the first four months following the death of Mom and Dad.

And then Beatrix was born.

On Dad's birthday.

And it was his first birthday since his passing.

And suddenly, the pit of grief ended and I began to climb out.

Why? Because the very baby that I so feared being pregnant with during my loss, was actually a part of God's plan to help me heal.

I found my footing and found hope through the life of Beatrix Tyler and also learned that God meets us even when we question, wrestle, and strain against the path our lives take. He isn't afraid of our doubts
and questions. His kindness is often buried deep within the most painful hardships we will endure...

I continue to grieve motherhood without my parent's guidance.

Yet, I am always on the lookout for the many "gifts" amidst the loss.

He has not forsaken me. I can say with full confidence "He is good."
He is good even when life isn't. His goodness is deeper than any pit.

Tori Vandament